Long time no see-

Hi everyone!. It’s been awhile right?

I’ve been busy with looking for a job and studying for school while being an admin on a blog, and running 2 active personal blogs myself so it’s been hard updating here.

I had thoughts of deleting but I don’t think I could do it, I put alot of time and effort into this blog and I know some of you do really enjoy it and wait for my answers so I decided to update and not delete.

While I can’t be extremely active, I still will be here! I’m going to update as much as I possibly can. Although I don’t get much questions anymore since everyone has gone back to school.

When this blog became more popular it became harder and more time consuming with all the questions I would get, While I’m not ready to add an admin, I will work hard to update frequently. 

Thank you all who are still here supporting me, and all the new followers I’ve gotten while I’ve been away. Your support means alot to me<3 I love you all :) Hopefully for those of you that are in school are doing well and can come home to a few of my scenarios :p

Anonymous asked: "How would lay/tao/kyungsoo finger they're girlfriend?"

Lay would be really slow and passionate about it. He doesn’t want to hurt you so he’d make sure to go slow and ask if you’re okay while he’s doing it. After he’d ask if you liked it.

Tao is the opposite of Lay. He would go hard and be smiling the whole time. He wouldn’t ask if he’s hurting you until after he’s fully done. He would stare at your face and make sure you’re enjoying it.

Kyungsoo would be really shy about fingering you. He doesn’t want to do anything to annoy you or hurt you and he wants to make sure he’s doing it just right and pleasing you. He would be really cute about everything and take it really slow.

Anonymous asked: "a game,of hide and seek with their girlfriend. xiumin,suho,kyungsoo ,please."

Xiumin would let his inner child come out while playing hide an seek. He would tell you too hide and he will come find you. When he finds you he’ll trying picking you up in his arms and tickling you.

Suho would love playing hide and seek. He would ask to play it outside like in a park which leaves the game going longer and it being harder to find each other. When he finds you, he’d whisper “I found you” and kiss you on the forehead. 

Kyungsoo would be a little hesitant to play at first, not that he doesn’t like playing hide and seek, but because he thinks it’s for children. After some begging he’d give in and tell you to hide. He’d take his time trying to find you,but when he does he’d laugh and tell you that was easy.

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Anonymous asked: "how would tao/suho/kai be with in a relationship if she was really ticklish and a jumpy person?"

Tao would get annoyed often but he would try not to show it because he knows you can’t really control it. He may be a little short tempered when you do it alot. He would just ask you to calm down.

Suho would be really patient with you being so jumpy. He would make sure not to do anything to make you jump. He would keep away from tickling you alot, but on days you’re having a bad day he would tickle you too see you smile.

Kai would be patient,but may get annoyed a little because you’re so jumpy. I think he’d like the idea of you being really ticklish though, and would try to tickle you when you two are cuddling.

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Anonymous asked: "what would happen if tao/luhan/baekhyun and they're gf were walking at night and when they walk by this group of guys ,a tall buff one slaps her butt so hard it leaves a bruise later?"

Tao would definitely be really angry. He would give the guy a mean look and say “Don’t you EVER touch a girl like that again, especially with her boyfriend standing next to her” He would think the guy was really disrespectful and make sure you’re okay.

Luhan would be really mad and tell the guy to back off and get lost. He would feel sorry for not protecting you from that guy and ask if your butt is okay.

Baekhyun would give the guy the meanest look he’s ever given someone. He thinks it’s really disrespectful to smack a girls butt. He would make sure you’re okay first before telling the guy to get lost and never do that to another woman.

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Anonymous asked: "what would baekhyun and tao do when his innocent girlfriend starts rubbing his butt because it looks nice in the jeans he's wearing;"

Baekhyun would be really shocked and awkward. He would turn to you in shock with eyes wide open and ask you what you’re doing. He would try to walk away quickly because he’s afraid he’ll get turned on.

Tao would love this. He doesn’t care if he gets turned on or not. He’d let you do it while he smiles, He’ll quickly turn around and hug you while rubbing your butt and whisper in your ear not to do it again because he may not be able to hold back.

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Anonymous asked: "how would kris ,lay,and baekhyun react if after moving in with gf that she has a habbit of hiding her money all over the place without realizing."

Kris would make a joke out of it saying “You know you hide your money everywhere?”. He would try to remember wherever you hid it so if you forget where you hid it, he can find it for you.

Lay would think it’s cute and probably laugh about it. He would ask to borrow money and add a comment “Can I borrow some money….or did you hide it and loose it again?”

Baekhyun would be shocked that you do this. He would try to get you to stop hiding it so much and just keep it in one place. He would tell you it isn’t good to keep hiding it.

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Anonymous asked: "what woupd xiumin,tao,and chanyeol do if they found out the gf was insecure about her curly frizzy hair?"

Xiumin would be try to make you feel more comfortable with your hair. He would compliment you tons of times a day “Your hair looks beautiful today” or say cute compliments about your hair so you learn to like it more. 

Chen would just tell you it’s okay if you don’t like your hair, we all have something we don’t like about ourselves, but he loves it and so should you.

Chanyeol would tell you to learn to love it because your hair is beautiful and he really loves it. He would shower you with compliments constantly about your hair. 

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Anonymous asked: "what would chanyeol/Chen do if they found out they're gf was insecure about her laughing told her she laughed too much."

Since Chanyeol is one that laughs alot also, I think he would tell her it’s okay to laugh and enjoy yourself but also be serious in times that it’s needed. He would try to do anything to make her laugh and feel comfortable doing so.

Chen would question alot why it’s such a big deal, he may even get a little frustrated at times when he’s trying to make you laugh and you just won’t budge. He would tell you that you need to be comfortable around him laughing and he won’t ever tell you to stop laughing because you laughed too much.

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Anonymous asked: "how many times do you thing chanyeol, baekhyun, luhan want to do sex in a week?"

Chanyeol- he would want it as much as he can get it to be honest. At least 3 or 4 days in a week. 

Baekhyun- I think he wouldn’t care to have it much, at least once a week.

Luhan- 2 days at the most.